Daniel P Chan | FAQ

How much does it cost for your wedding service?

We offer various packages, but we understand that every couple has a different photography needs.  Please reach out to us on our contact page and we will provide you a quote.

How do describe your style?

We offer a mix style of photography in fashion, fine art and photojournalism.    More importantly, we capture everything about you and your love one that will last a lifetime.  


Do you work with assistance or a 2nd shooter on Wedding day shoot?

Yes, we always have an assistance/2nd shooter on wedding days and engagements.  This ensures we capture multiple angles, wide and close-up shot all in one go.


Do you have any reviews from past clients?

Yes, you can read them here: https://www.weddingwire.com/reviews/daniel-p-chan-photography-san-leandro/7e522080d179a2c7.html


How many pictures will be delivered (JPEG only)?

We do not really have a limit on the on the number of pictures of photos you will received.   The number of actual photo receive will be determined by the event of the photography.  


How long until we get our photos?

We aim to get everything back to you as soon as we can, but a typical 4-6 weeks+/- for engagements,  6-8 weeks+/- for weddings

** Timeframe will varies and maybe even shorter depending on the load during peak wedding/engagements seasons. 


How will the files and format of the photos to be delivered?  

The files will be delivered in med-high resolution format 5-10MB files in JPEG format depending on the photos.  The files will be uploaded to a link for download.


What is Signature Edits and Basic Edits?

Our Basic Edits - Basic color corrections, brightness adjustments, black and white, simple crop, etc..

Our Signature Style - professional retouch, skin retouching/smoothing, color enhancements, details enhancement, special editing (as needed), etc.. 

Majority of your photos will be basic edits, but we believe every couple should a received a few extra special/professional caring photos for sharing and ones that will look more than what you get from camera.  Working with our services, these are free included in our service.


Wow, dramatic and photoshop

A common misunderstading is that we are digital re-toucher and photoshop experts.   While we can do a lot, we are photographer who can provide enhancement of photos and by no means full digital photoshop expert.   We try to get you to be in the best lighting and put you in the pose/locations and we are creative and enhance what is already there.


Pre-wedding/Engagement Day

Some wedding days are much more strict on timeline and some couple wish to use these session to get portraits. 

Our engagement is not the normal as we do mix style.   It also provides the best opportunities for lifestyle/portraiture shoots, pre-wedding outfits and dramatic sunset photos.   Of course, we will work you to see what you guys like to create something special and it allows you to get comfortable with us before your wedding day. 


Wedding Day

We will work you and provided advisory on your schedule/locations and adjust according to your timeline.   We want to ensure your wedding days is less stressful as is and allow you to enjoy your day as is while we capture those moments.  

We do suggest having adequate shooting time for the various key portion in order to provide proper wedding photo delivery.