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- Bay Area Wedding Photographer and surrounding areas
When my wife and I were getting marry, we were looking for the right photographer.  Being a hobbyist at the time, little did I know, there's a lot to chose from as we wanted a little bit of everything.  Fallen in love with our engagement photography, I strive to my journey to explore and expand my photography.
Fast forward, a year after engagement and marriage, I attended multiple conventions and workshops. Being inspired and influenced by the different styles from around the world, our minds opened up to a new world.   Fallen in loved in the the mix style of fashion, fine art and photojournalism - why ask but to mix them into wedding and engagements.
We love to hear your story.   My goal is to capture your best days and moments like it was our own. 
Daniel Chan
Cell: 510-219-8986
E-mail:  shinnkuux@yahoo.com